The Ultimate Resource Guide For First Time Drivers

Congratulations on steering your career in the direction of commercial driving! We can’t wait to show you the ropes.


Congratulations on steering your career in the direction of commercial driving! We can’t wait to show you the ropes.

The road to becoming a professional driver should be clear and easy to understand. Like any job, there are steps that need to be taken and requirements that need to be met, and these steps and requirements are not always clear and easy to find.

You’re looking into navigating roads for a living. You shouldn’t have to spend unnecessary time navigating the internet for the answers to your questions. Why not have everything you need in one place?

The Ultimate Resource Guide For First Time Commercial Drivers

Fortunately, we are here to help.

We have put together the ultimate guide for new or first time drivers. Inside, you will find the resources you need to launch into a career as a commercial driver.

Feel free to jump from chapter to chapter to find the information you need!

Let’s get started!

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chapter one

How to Become a Commercial Driver

First and foremost, if you are not yet a professional commercial driver, this is where you should begin. We want this to be your A-to-Z resource on how to set yourself up for the best possible career as a commercial driver. In order to do this, you will need to choose the right educational program, receive your CDL, choose a company to work for, and learn everything you need to know to be successful.

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chapter two

Choose the Right CDL Training

You will need a commercial driver’s license in order to pursue a career as a commercial driver. There are many programs that can help you get a commercial license, but the key is finding the program that works best for you. CDL Schools vary in costs, methods and reputation, so making an informed decision is crucial. We have compiled the resources below to make that step a lot easier for you.

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chapter three

Understanding the Types of Driving Jobs

A commercial driving career is not one-size-fits-all. Not only are there tons of different types of vehicles, but there are also different types of hours, routes and compensation models.

How far are you willing to travel from home? What kinds of vehicles do you want to drive? These are all considerations to make when entering the field and choosing a company to work for. We have taken the time to help you understand all of your options.

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chapter four

Learn the Business of Commercial Driving

The transportation business isn’t only about taking items from point A to point B. Our goal is to provide you with the tools to understand the business inside and out so that you can make informed decisions throughout your career.

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chapter five

Commercial Driving Job Opportunities: Understanding where the industry is and where it’s going

Like any other industry, the commercial transportation industry is linked to the performance of the economy. When companies succeed, the need to transport goods from one place to another also increases. It’s also important to understand the industries that are developing a greater need for transportation. These resources shed light on the state of the industry as a whole and the way it is expected to change in the future.

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chapter six

Safety Tips

Nothing is more important than your safety. Not only are there multiple steps you can take to make sure you are being safe on the job, there are also regulations you need to understand that will help keep you and the people around you safe. These resources will assist you in making sure your bases are covered when it comes to personal safety on the job.

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chapter seven

Tools & Resources to Improve Your Life as a Driver

Many drivers are so focused on getting a job and getting started that they forget to think of the essentials for making their job pleasant. A commercial driver can benefit greatly from taking certain steps to improve their lifestyle, comfort and effectiveness on the job. Here are some helpful tools for drivers.