The Ultimate State-By-State Midwest Road Construction Resource Guide: UPDATED, WINTER 2018


Regardless of where you live, there is one thing we can all agree on: Traffic caused by road work is annoying.

The best way to avoid it? Knowing about it! That's what we're here for.

Maps, Resources and Information for every Road Construction Project in the Midwest: Updated for Winter 2018

You may be a commercial driver and you may just be someone who commutes to work daily. Either way, this guide was designed to provide you with the ultimate resource for understanding what road work is underway in your metro area.

We have curated the best resources from across the Internet to make sure you are in the know when it comes to road work in your state and region.

This resource guide is updated seasonally, so keep popping in to learn about new projects and stay informed!


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chapter one

Chicago Road Construction

Death. Taxes. Enormous amounts of traffic driving through Chicago.

Those are three inevitable facts of life.

Well, we may not be able to save you from all of the traffic entering The Windy City, but we can inform you on all of the road work going on in and around the city and the broader metro area.

Peruse these resources to become an informed on your drive to or through Chicago this Winter:

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Minnesota Road Construction

During the Spring and Summer of 2018, road work was significant around the entire metropolitan area, but the biggest project was the beginning of an upgrade for Interstate 35W between Downtown Minneapolis and Crosstown Highway 62. Progress on that project has been made, but there is a lot of work yet to be done.

Check out the resources below for up-to-date information.

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Wisconsin Road Construction

In 2018, Wisconsin residents or drivers just traveling through the state may have noticed significant roadwork on I-39/90 between the Illinois state line and Madison, where a major road construction project led to some slowdowns, detours and closures.

Here are the construction projects still going on as well as projects that are up next:

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Iowa Road Construction

Iowa's Department of Transportation and 511 are perhaps the best equipped and most detailed resources in the Midwest for traffic and road work information.

Check out the great resources below to make sure you are prepared for your drive!

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North Dakota Road Construction

North Dakota, like other states in the Northern region of the Midwest, is no stranger to road work in the Spring, Summer and Fall months. Luckily, with a great system for providing updates on ongoing projects and a very helpful mobile app, there are plenty of ways to stay informed on traffic and closures.

Here are the best road construction resources:

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South Dakota Road Construction

Like North Dakota, South Dakota's Department of Transportation provides us with excellent resources for learning about road construction projects and traffic in real time.

Check out the links below whether you're a resident of South Dakota or are just passing through!

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Michigan Road Construction

In 2017, the Michigan's Department of Transportation launched an interactive map for travelers and drivers to learn about construction projects and road conditions in real time. In 2018, it remains a phenomenal resource.

While debates over road construction in Michigan have been centered around how much should be invested in longer-lasting roads, this list of resources details all upcoming road construction projects.

Check it out!

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General Midwest Road Construction Resources

Looking for general resources instead of going state-by-state? This is the section for you!

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